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Message Subject Who do you believe won tonight's debate?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Let me give you a little clue as to how this is going to play out over the next week or so and just how devastating a blow to Obama this is going to be and as well it SHOULD be...

Obama is an empty suit...he's nothing but facade, remarks prepared by someone else and prompter...tonight was the very first time in public where he had to stand up all by himself and face someone who was prepared to confront him. He didn't get that with old fart fool McCain...he didn't get it during his own Democrat primary against other Democrats...you all saw how misreably he failed...the entire leftist media is in fullout damage control meltdown or denial mode...The President seemed lost, disengaged, disconnected and completely out of his league...

So...how do you think he is handling the security and negotiating with other world leaders? Who are NOT Americans that have America's best interest at heart like Romney is and does....you really want Obama dealing with Vlad "The Shark" Putin after seeing this debacle?...cutting trade deals with China?...or the Arabs?....uh uh errr...well my grandma like er, ummm...

Is that the so called "Man" you want as the commander and chief securing the lives of your children?...your family?..this country as a whole?...is the person you saw tonight the one you want to trust with those monumental responsibilities?...someone who couldn't even hold their head up and acted like a peevish girl who didn't want to be where they were.

And people wonder why he hides from his responsibilities like he did when our embassy was raided and 4 Americans including our Ambassador were murdered...

There should be no wondering...that is all he has...he's nothing more than a community organizer who was built into something he never was and never could be by people who wanted an extremely Progressive President in the whitehouse...he's a charade and the Barack Obama that so many people were sold on has never existed in real life...and when the facade walls that protect that stylized image are removed?...you see the real Barack Obama just like you did tonight...outclassed, out of his league and pathetically out gunned when it comes down to taking on any challenge by himself.

You also got to see a Mitt Romney tonight that was in his element...he was prepared to handle the moment, well informed, well spoken, made his points well and handled whatever feeble counter points Obama could squeek up easily and handily...he did indeed look act and sound like the Pro he is...and Obama looked acted and sounded like the fruadulent boob he is...
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