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Message Subject Who do you believe won tonight's debate?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The fact that these two even debated means we all lost. They clearly want us to feel Romney won the debate, as even the most far-left puppets on the tube are saying so.

When you take into consideration the recent events that have lead up to this first debate, and the post-debate chatter, it can only mean that it's all on purpose. It's all part of the act.

I can't find any reason to celebrate a 'victory' -- how is it victorious? What good is Romney going to do? When was the last time a "Good Guy" was President? This is the same guy that turned his back on a man in a wheelchair. The same guy that has a similar socialist background. A guy that has never known what it's like to be middle-class. What good?

Unless this is some bait-and-switch, all signs point to him being the next POS. But, why, and how? It seems like he has got it way too easy, comparitive to what really should be an up-hill battle. It's all a stage-act.

This poll might as well be about "Who's going to win the WWE wrestling match tomorrow."
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