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Message Subject Who do you believe won tonight's debate?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm a bit older than you, and back in 1980 when I was a young, naive and delusional, I worked on the Jimmy Carter campaign (yes yes I know)

I wanted to be a reporter back then and I was already active in politics, so I was glued to the debates between Carter and Reagan

I remember my young idealistic heart feeling crushed as I watched Ronald Reagan swagger into the debates and demolish Carter

Every "there you go again" and other confident put down was something I couldn't comprehend at the time. I argued against it, I called Reagan aggressive and domineering....but I did know it meant my guy was on the ropes and going down hard

and he did

Now, in hindsight as an adult, a born again ornery indpendent with a powerful dislike of both parties, I respect Reagan's self confidence, and I know that is what a country going through difficulties wants and needs

I encourage you, if you get a chance, to watch some online clips of those Reagan vs Carter debates so you can say "and that sir, is how it's done..."

An old man, once called a hack, who found his fire and slid into the presidency on a landslide

I am in no way defending Reagan's presidency, the fact he was a paid representative for GE and the defense industry etc etc.

I don't think any president is anything other than a mouthpiece chosen by the PTB

However, that said, he was great at those debates and he demolished poor Carter ..who was not a bad man, but was a bad wizard....
 Quoting: Blue Zeus

here is the entire 90 minutes
sorry embed is disabled.....


 Quoting: Anubis

I've skipped around a little. When I listened to Reagan's response to Walters' final questions...around 1 hour, 19 minutes....I'm thinking Romney did some studying of this debate before tonight.
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