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Message Subject 55 Million American's Watched Obama Implode Tonight! HOPE FOR CHANGE IS COMING!!
Poster Handle PravdaDemocrat
Post Content
Holy hell...
That wasn't a debate, that a bitchslap smackdown, the adult vs the spoiled kid.

It wasn't even CLOSE...
Now watch the media SPIN, SPIN,SPIN...
 Quoting: PravdaDemocrat

Romney OWNED Obama. No teleprompter exposes the real Obama.
 Quoting: Jericho9

The worshipping sheep fell in love with a BRAND that was created inside of NBC Entertainment. They even wrote Obama's 2008 speeches for him!

But TOTUS had to be checked at the door tonight.

Obama-off-the-cuff is just the incoherent, Marxist-steeped, Cloward-Piven, hate-the-private-sector, POS we in the real world all know him to be:

The Emperor has no quotes!
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