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Message Subject Look at the teams fighting on the behalves of their masters!!!
Poster Handle America_F_Yeah!
Post Content
This is truly hilarious to watch.

The entirety of GLP has turned into a testosterone field. Yep, its like watching a "Make-believe" football game where each side is claiming victory and rooting like a bunch of lost cheerleaders for their owners. -"Thats-a-good boy. Now lie down and play dead. Soon your opinion will be irrelevant."-

In fact, its literally happening to the point where it seems as if Obamney supporters are actually expecting to be invited to the dinner tables of their favorite elite to enjoy the scraps from their plates for displaying their undying loyalty. Trust me when I say this...they don't want anymore house pets to take care of.

No matter who wins, when the time comes for the "meltdown" and martial law is implemented...they'll execute Romney and Obama supporters side by side while you each argue who the "bigger communist is."

I just thought I'd provide a bit of balance...
 Quoting: Serenity777

clappa FUCKING Brilliant!! bump
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