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Message Subject Look at the teams fighting on the behalves of their masters!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
from the time we have started paying income tax, allowed the federal reserve we have been screwed.

that's been close to a 100 years now.

we just aren't screwed this election
an election decades ago
but a century ago...

so our great grandparents allowed it and started it

obviously even though we perceive our country as free

we aren't actually free

NOBODY is free if America isn't free

you pay taxes
you pay income tax
tax to the governments the leaders...and yes our keepers

our government has gotten too big
they are owning land, they are borrowing money they can
never pay back...they are infringing on our God given rights that our forfathers have died for.

Now, we don' have a third party and we aren't going to have one this time, maybe the next 4 years everyone that bitches about not having one, will put forth some walk and not just talk the talk.

In the mean time reality is that America is failing and our leaders are a large part of that failure, so we have to pick new leaders. That includes our house of reps and congress, not just the Pres.

We can slow the horse down that is galloping at outrageous speed to communism and ruin by voting for Romney. He is not perfect but he'll slow the horse down.

Then when we have (GOD HELP US HOPEFULLY) gotten rid of Obamacare and some of the other evils OBAMA and the DEMS have thrust on us to ruin, we will revert, or unfund etc...

Then we need to start DEMANDING fair trade, getting jobs back in this country, setting up that damn fence in TEXAS and demanding the FEDERAL RESERVE get takin to task.

We have to right, email, call Washington DC everyweek with demands.
This is all possible if Romney wins, things may get better.

If Obama wins, we are screwed, we are a third world country, and every family will be poorer by thousands every years. Food will become so expensive, our electric bills will be worse (I pay 300 a month for a small house I can't afford more), and fuel for cars and heating will be outrageous with Obama and the DEms.

Everyone will eventually be swallowed by the huge government beast that will crushing our middle class so there are only a few elites and the rest third class poor people who beg for food and health care.

Our press is corrupt, we should be hanGING them for treason!
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