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Message Subject Obama says "you won"...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As a Masshole....got sucked into this shit tonight (knowing we have the dirtiest Senate racE)...I was an Obama guy 4 years back...both races are the dirtiest I've seen my whole life...

I hold a BA in Political Science from our fine Commonwealth's University...and yes, I was forced to buy a Bulger book, and yes - he did speak at my commencement...

Anyways....loved the Tip O'Neil references from both parties...I think my ex-Guvna....did ok overall...he's SO FULL OF SHIT...don't let him fool you!

FULL OF SHIT...like all repubtards.....like us lib-tards (moon-bats as Howie calls us)...Obama was the big liar overall...I DON'T support him because of the lies of; Guantanamo, rendition, Afghan, tax cuts to the rich, bailouts, 1st, 2nd and 4th ammendment abuses.....I can go on....

Anyways, don't listen to that Lying Cocksucker (see Mo'Jo's show tomorrow night on Sirius)...he fucked us in MA...and he will to the whole nation, do not doubt him.....he's listening to his little, small dick players....

And Obama.....still a Lying Cocksucker either way....so eff him too...Romney didn't back off his MA Sheeyit....but it won't work on Fed level....

Neither won, I'm writing in Jesse Ventura with Mojo as VP for 2012....I know my state is going the liar, and while I hate it - I may have to go to friggin Warren.. and I hate her not as much - but close to Coakley....Brown is a lying cocksucker too....and his shit will hold the Senate...but Brown and Coakley are chumps of all chumps....that doesn't help does it........sorry GLP!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14562115

Dude, I'm a conservative, but I feel the exact same way...there isn't a decent human being among them...

Why the fuck are we doing this anymore?

We should all just be having our own Beer Summits and leave the fucking lying scumbag politicians and elitists out.

Solving our own fucking problems and figuring out how to come together.

This is so fucking stupid now it's barely worth the effort to comment on it.

I think it was planned this way, I honestly do.

It seems as if everything, and mean EVERYTHING the last 5 or 6 presidents have done have been nothing more than a ploy to mock the system in this country. Everything the people once held pride and confidence in...The White House, the Oath of Office, the Presidency, the Voting Process.

All of it's become a fucking joke.

And I believe THAT was the intention all along.

Now we're like a nation of redheaded step-children wandering around going "WTF"?

Do you feel me?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10783814

I do bro, I do (or chick if chick).....I do...bump
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