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Message Subject Chris Matthews Says Romney killed Obama
Poster Handle luhmuh
Post Content
Well..the Presidential Debate for tonight is over, and if this Debate is any indication of what November Elections might look like, it's also over for Barack Hussein Obama, and he will be among the millions he has helped to put in the Unemployment line.
You see, Obama can tout his LIES about Romneys Plan for America, on talk shows, in interviews with journalists, or Campaign Stops...But when confronted by the Chalenger with the TRUTH, that those are LIES, on National T.V. Obama had nothing to say, looking down most of the time, didn't fight for time, and at one point asked Lehrer to "Move on". During the debate, Obama went on and on in reference to how insane it was that Companies getting tax breaks if they move their Company overseas, and how Romney agreed with this practice. To which Romney replied.."In all due respect Mr. President, I've been in business for over 25 years and I have no idea what your talking about" There is NO SUCH TAX BREAK.
After the debate I went to Fox, CNN, and MSNBC where they tell us Americans what was said during the debates, since we are too stupid to think for ourselves, and trust our own ears..and when I got to MSNBC I saw Chris Matthews, angry at Obama for not pushing back, for looking down, for not fighting. The cast looked bewildered, and shocked..Chris Matthews no longer has that "TINGLE DOWN MY LEG" feeling..It has been replaced with a stinch ones not likely to forget, or likely to get out of the backside of his drawers.....I leave yu all with this simple sentence from tonights Debate challenger, Mit Romney. Call it a zinger, a hum dinger, or a stinger..I myself call it the TRUTH.....
‘‘Mr. President, you’re entitled to your own airplane and your own house, but not your own facts,’’
Goodnite all...sweet dreams...5a
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