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Message Subject They chemtrailed the crap outta LA today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No but i can offer my sympathy to you and tell you the same thing happened here. It was overcast and a faint rain for most of the day then around 3-4 ish it cleared up only to reveal dozens of low lying chem sprays overhead. To make it worse it warmed up quickly then an hour or so later it not only cooled and clouded back over, now there's a thick low level fog that's blanketed this whole fricken area.

Anyone else in southern Ontario see what I just described?? I was very reluctant to go running just before dark but I did anyways, this crap is what needs to be brought up in these stupid debates!! Stop spraying, kill GMO foods, cancel all water fluoridation immediately, etc etc.

Arrrrrrrrg. So frustrating some days, sorry had to vent a little.
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