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Message Subject They chemtrailed the crap outta LA today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thank you for this thread and to all for paying attention!
We have been watching this in the IE also, all day and night.
Worst in some time.
We made up a song about sitting under the chemtrail moon, it was funny.
In a way.
Hard to look at the sunset, which was indeed beautiful, yet I know it was trails, not clouds. Made it sad.
We discussed how the research I have done for 3 years, which indicates that the best answer to this is gov and corpse may have indeed screwed up the atmosphere, and are trying to repair the damage.
Yet, if they are so interested in our welfare, what about the economy ( world) and the mining going on worldwide, and the oil spills, and the housing and disaster relief (none) and such?
Why would they spend such effort to protect us from atmospheric disaster, yet other corpse-made disasters go on unabated?
Other research I have done indicates that these are items used to bounce signals for advancement of warfare.
Other research indicates these are used to manipulate weather.
Oftentimes those in power will use a natural disaster to further their own economic aims.
So which is it?
Saving our butts.
Killing us.
Saving their money.
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