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Message Subject They chemtrailed the crap outta LA today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes!! This summer for the most part, we had more of the newer programs operating. First one is a'fog', that extends all the way to the valley and beyond ( Ten years ago, fog was something we would experience MAYBE two months in a year. The fog would normally only go east about 8 blocks from the ocean) They sprayed the grey haze all night and early part of the day. During the day we had what has now been dubbed 'chem bombs', which gave socal a terrible humidity. Today they went full blast old school on us. Thick aggressive lines everywhere! Something NEW that I noticed on my way home.. tiny very pale smoky brown/reddish 'clouds' seemingly coming out of nowhere. All were approx. the same size and distance from one another.The chemtrail lines flew through and criss crossed around them. I took some pics, don't know how to post them. Outrageous site to behold. I have a feeling the addition is to bring rain, but who knows what other fucking things are in this crap. This shit makes me crazy! Remember when you were a kid , lying on the grass looking at the sky, and could 'see' different shapes (eg. animals) in the clouds.. no more :( . These last few years I've experienced many horrible headaches and much fatigue on heavy spray days . I wish they would just stop. :( :redface:
Thanks for the thread OP!

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