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Message Subject They chemtrailed the crap outta LA today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Chemtrails is the air after it has gone through a jet engine, the more moisture in the atmosphere the more prominent and longer is the chemtrail.
Hundreds of aircraft criss cross the sky in America going in all directions to many diffrent locations.
On a day with little or no moisture in the air, you may not see even short chemtrails.
I doubt there is anything sinister there.
 Quoting: ChristianMan

 Quoting: #Geomagnetic_Storm#

You are confusing chemtrails with contrails. Chemtrails are frequently at too low of an altitude to be contrails...which need to be high altitude at -30F or below.

What was over Los Angeles was way below 30k feet ... Making contrail very unlikely.

Los Angeles was chemtrailed
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1522836

Please tell me how you determined the altitude...and how you also determined that the trails weren't formed in the correct conditions even at a lower altitude than 30,000 feet?!
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