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Message Subject obama might have just lost the election
Poster Handle Scarbedazzles
Post Content
It is amazing that people are still picking a favorite sock-puppet to control their lives (and their family's lives).

They pretend that choosing the vampire on the 'right' or the vampire on the 'left' will make one iota difference.

No wonder america is going down the tubes ... fast.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24790723

I see this argument often. So what is your brilliant plan to conquer the issue? There will always be a need for Government and it will most certainly always be corrupt in some ways. OUR Declaration of Independance here in America is written to include allowance for action by the citizens when there is a problem such as this.

It could get worse before it gets better, but America is still the best option of the rest. I bet on US and I believe in US. We are a bit stubborn you see..... we will lay aside our differences when the need arises. BUT it may take a while for some to see the NEED. Until that time I will VOTE my consience without apology. If my vote doesn't count them so be it.....at least I listened and acted upon my convictions.

flag waver
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