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Message Subject obama might have just lost the election
Poster Handle PravdaDemocrat
Post Content
All that comes down to in this election is how fast we goto war with Iran...With Romney we goto war within 2 months of election...With Obama its within anytime over 4 years...You will seal your own fate with this election...that in mind i am voting for neither...Then again I do not understand how the middle class can vote for someone that wants to destroy the middle class with tax evasion for the rich..I was raised on a single mother who never made more than 30k a year, never received govt assistance and and never expected to reach any kind of tax system above 40k a year...It was not until last year that my mother made >30k a year...and yes if you want to call 32k a year middle class then do...For our region I have always seen that as acceptable...I live in Kentucky...Someone making 30k is pretty well off compared to others in my opinion...But i realize its alot worse than that...With Mitch (I'm fucking rich) McConnell In senate its hard to think 30k is a fair income... and that why we stand divided...Yes every state is in its own bracket...But aslong as we..The american people feel we are seperated..We can never unite to fix this problem...Thats the whole point of Government...To keep us divided...Because United we cannot be destroyed...But divided we will be conquered...
 Quoting: General Lee

When Obama looks bad something big always happens to deflect, distract, discount and demagogue.

If I were in Tehran, I'd start looking for drones and missles.
Even more if you are in Libya, where they can't shoot back.

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