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Message Subject obama might have just lost the election
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What winner. The only winner tonight were elitists, statists, and the hidden puppet masters. What did we really learn? Obama has details and data. Romney has vague ideas. Both sure do agree on a lot. They both said "I agree with him, but..." multiple times. One thinks the other thinks this and the other denies it. I don't even have to be specific about "this" and "it" because that is all we saw: Back and forth accusations and denials and very little on solutions and substance. There was indeed a loser tonight: every American. That was hard to watch. The funny thing is that it is indeed all scripted. McCain was interviewed about this debate and actually said "everything is scripted." If you paid attention, you noticed that both men failed to answer any question with a direct, genuine answer - every response was a script. That's why they kept going over their time allotments; they were too focused on finishing their script even if it had nothing to do with the question. That's why WE lost. This debate simply showcased how truly meaningless it is to vote. There is no real choice for us. Aside from the obvious truth that the only votes that really count are those from electoral college delegates, this debate just showed there is very little reason to vote anyway. There is very little difference between these candidates. Doesn't matter who wins.
 Quoting: Wizard's First Rule

No one replied to this and that alone proves how stupid the vast majority of people who talk about politics on here are. Thank you for speaking the truth beyond the veil. I saw a 1/2 hour of this junk and realized once again how mind controlled the American public- even fringe 'believers' are.

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