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Message Subject MSNBC admits it.....
Poster Handle snark
Post Content
On air?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5549032

Now CNN has some idiotic black guy saying "Romney will say anything to win." That is SO Obama's modus operandi and this guy is nothing more than a kool-aid drinking RACIST Obama bot.
 Quoting: berniemom2012

James Carville (the " cajun cracker" democrat spokesman) is totally stunned. I've been watching this man for decades, and right now he looks like he's going to vote for Romney. He is one smart cracker.
 Quoting: berniemom2012

Obviously he is a Clinonista. I always got the impression that he despises obama for doing what he did to Hillary.
 Quoting: truthwillsetyoufreeagain

I love Carville even though he's a crazy lib- he's just so blunt and entertaining I can't help myself. And he hates Obama for exactly the reason you said- he is a Clintonista.
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