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Message Subject CNN's All-Democrat "Unbiased" Panel "Shocked, Stunned" At Obama's Peformance!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Martial law is now coming to stop the election.
 Quoting: Xannixon

Yup !
And I bet this will happen right after Ryan makes mince meat out-a Biden.

ol' Joe will be like "Obamey - Do something now before The People kick us out of office ... "
 Quoting: TenStar'd

Yep! And Ryan WILL make biden look like chopped liver.

You know, I believe that American's are really angry and pissed off at the events of the last 4 years and this seething anger is a force that is presenting itself through
Romney and imminently with Ryan.

The fire is very hot...and the force very strong.
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