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Message Subject Rachael Madcow having a collapse on TV now
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
men are really into girl on girl sex. that is called lesbianism, right? So why do they hate Rachel Maddow? I will tell you, She makes them feel confused because she is a woman but she is not a possible sexual partner for them. That kind of thing makes a man mad. Or should I say, a certain kind of man,the kind of man who is not secure. A man who is so not secure in his own manhood that he thinks it is an insult to say a woman is wearing mens underwear. I think of a woman in mens briefs and it has no effect on me at all. It is not insulting or funny, just whatever, eh? It makes me wonder why men always think it is hilarious to dress like a woman. I just don't get why that is funny.Do they feel better or worse wearing lipstick?

Anyway, that was besides the point. The point is the guy tonight had on his magic underwear, now that would be funny if he wasn't running for president.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24292277

kim jong
 Quoting: sonic doom

exactly so, kim jong is such a fool he is a woman.that is the statement, right?that makes me feel a little queasy being a woman and all...
but what about the magic underwear, that is really crazy, can we make fun of men who wear magic underwear so they can be gods of their own planet? After being president of the US?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24292277

I don't know can we? We have a president who thinks he will have his own planet with 72 male virgins.
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