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Message Subject Bill; Maher...he gave ONE MILLION to Obama..HE WANTS A REFUND!!!
Poster Handle JimBomB
Post Content
You guys don't find anything fishy at all about all of these hardcore leftist turning on Obama? It would have been quite easy for them to spin this and make points to say Obama won the debate to where the media conveyed a 50\50-ish split like they usually do.

But, this time? Something strange has happened. Even the bulk of the conspiracy community, this site and others, have started worshipping Romney like he was some kind of savior.

Why? WTF? Think about it. The left media, MSNBC inparticular, would ALWAYS find a way to make anything done from Obama as positive. No matter how bad, the Osama body dump, foreign relation mishaps, etc, etc...they always can spin it and make him appear to be brilliant.

This time, it was all too easy for Mitt Romney. Something very fishy about it all...
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New man from the same order is being put in/old one acts too much like a dumb monkey.
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