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Message Subject A Rare Occurrence In The Saudi Currency Market Tells You That Trouble Is Brewing In The Middle East
Poster Handle stormer
Post Content
The Muslim Brotherhood plans to take Jordan next then Saudi Arabia will become their target.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24009796

I don't think they can take Jordan (or I hope not) because Jordan is one of the more civilized countries in the Middle East. As for Saudi Arabia, they'd have to have an unbelievable amount of spies embedded there to accomplish much of anything -- people thought Iraq was controlled -- Iraq under Hussein was nothing compared to the control the Saudi royalties cronies have over the Saudi people. I don't think Saudi Arabia could ever be taken over by the Muslim brotherhood.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10327591

Prophecy says all muslim nations will be united by the muslim mahdi under the one flag of islam,the muslim brotherhood is the perfect vehicle to attain this state,these pre-ordained events are starting to take place in north africa and the middle east,soon the muslim brotherhood will become too large a steamroller to stop,and islam united under one leader will topple all of the middle east,north africa and even europe.Watch as prophecy unfolds,interesting times indeed.
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