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about the putting up photos of loved ones

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/03/2012 11:17 PM
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about the putting up photos of loved ones
I am sorry that you think that putting pictures of loved ones up on your walls is worshiping ideals when it is not!!!i will list what is worshiping an ideal..
1.) bowing down to the image is a from of worshiping.
2.) praying to the picture is a form of worshiping.
3.) Asking that the picture help you is worshiping.
4.) Believing that this picture can do anything is worshiping.
Now if you are doing these things to the picture it is worshiping. but if you put a picture up as a memory as to remember the good time to help you remember what Allah has given you then it is not worshiping it giving praise to Allah for giving you that person this also helps remind you to pray for that person asking Allah to help with what they need, not you worshiping the picture..So stop saying these thing when your not fully sure of what Allah means when he say "do not worship any other ideals but me!!!!" He means DO NOT PRAY TO ANY OTHER BUT HIM AND HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!