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Message Subject Was Ambassador Stevensí death a hit?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what if Obama hit Stevens up for sex....Stevens turns him down....Obama sends him to go get killed!


Obama is a faggot. it is said that Obama likes to have his junk polished by older white men per WND

so what if?

Obama pulls the Marines and Steven's private security because he now knows that Obama is a homo and he cannot afford that info to "come out," as it were. not during this election time!
 Quoting: leyba

Let's say the Gay Ambassador has sensitive info on Obama's habits and needs to be eliminated like those Trinity Church gay men.

How to achieve it?

The Ambassador had worked with the Brotherhood and Al Qaida in Libya, providing support when they were toppling Gaddafi. He might have also promised immunity to these "freedom fighters" ...

but Obama decides to take out with a drone one Al qaida boss, who was relocating, probably going in to Syria to advance American interests ...

Al qaida/Brotherhood guys were pissed off ...

Next, maybe Mossad tipped off AQ/Brotherhood were to find Ambassdor in vulnerable surroundings ...

But this hit needed a cover: Mossad had this silly video prepared with the help of Hollywood sayanim - I'm not saying it was Spielberg who directed the Mohammed video, but something similar.

Global muslim riots were kicked in action with heavy contribution from Saudi Salafists with their endless money ...

so to get rid off one gay man, there was a coordinated operation from Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, Mossad, Saudis and probably CIA too.
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