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The End is Nigh

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10/04/2012 01:03 AM
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The End is Nigh
Indeed, tis.

There is an ancient Japanese saying that goes something like this:

If one were able to entirely focus one's attention on one thing and one thing only for 30 seconds, all problems in the world would be solved.

It's a hologram after all.

I heard a story once. It went like this:

There was a run-down building in a certain city. The building had been used for 20 years to house insane and potentially dangerous persons. All who permanently resided in this building were doomed from the start. There were people who cleaned, but it never seemed clean. People painted the walls over and over again, but the decay rate of the paint was abnormally high. Nothing lasted long within the compound, even birds refused to nestle in the trees lining the courtyard. The patients either maintained or deteriorated.

One day the owner decided to hire a new clinical director. A man unlike any he had met before applied for the position, and his degree of confidence left no other option to the owner but to hire the man. The next day this man came to the building and sat in his new office, and poured himself a cup of coffee.

There he sat, all day, doing nothing, saying nothing. This man knew, unlike many, that what went on without himself directly correlated to what went on within himself. The head nurse came in that evening, and read to the director the important events and happenings of the day. The director listened carefully. One man had banged his head against the wall until a nurse subdued him. He did not react to any of the information, he only nodded, and promised himself that he would do better the next day.

Day after day, week after week this went on. Several weeks later the nurse came in and had nothing negative to report. One man had mailed a letter to someone he had wronged, another had helped another use the tv remote, the painters had finally found a paint that withstood time. The man looked out the window at the birds in the courtyard and smiled.

The happiness was contagious, it spread like wildfire. As the director sat in his room and became ever more content with himself and his life, so did the patients become ever more content with their situations. It was not long before patients began being released from the building back into society. And soon all the patients were released, and not one re-offended. So the director too was released, and he was offered many jobs in the psychiatric field as a result. But he declined, saying "I need something new".