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Th "MOON" is a Projection

apostle dave
User ID: 1414985
10/04/2012 02:38 AM
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Th "MOON" is a Projection
The "moon" was real Yes it sure was. It no longer is and has not been for about 3 years or so.

The following videos will prove it to you or Not, But do not let the SHills take you off the Target.

That is knowing the Truth. That is all I can say. I will not engage shills or Liars or agents.

Those real live people that are still out there.

Can i only ask you give this a fair hearing and then thats all I can ask.

Thank you for your time.

apostle dave

may God bless all of your in your search for Truth :)

Video #1 (please note that the Clouds will move behind and in front of the "projection" this is a Test you can complete the next time you have a few minutes at night. It will rattle your little gray cells around)

Video #2 ( this shows that you can "pop out" the moon face from the image on the sky screen. This is done by chemtrails. see video # 3)

Video #3 ( THis video show you what is up in those Chem trails, Think of a Screen effect )

Video #4 ( I will explain how the projector works. It is a Sat in orbit )

Here is a Video of FEMA coming to GET YOU!! as a Bonus at no Extra Charge.

Bonus #2

even So Come Lord Jesus. :)
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24840350
10/04/2012 02:55 AM
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Re: Th "MOON" is a Projection