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Its a lil too late for this speech but yeah i wrote it.

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10/04/2012 03:22 AM
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Its a lil too late for this speech but yeah i wrote it.
M****, I will get all the jokes out here in the beginning of this speech. ok. M****, right now i feel like you and I are on cruise control in our careers, not really doing what we really need to do, and distracted by meaningless bullshit. Only think about winning, and DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO WIN. Unfortunately I canít be there to make ******** think *** hates her (or other Tonya Harding shit), cause I donít hate her. I love what she does to you, she pushed you to be better. ******* sports means as much to me as they do to you. Donít be distracted by me, or your D-bag *****é, and DO NOT let the fame get to you. Just ignore this bullshit until the end of the o*******. You have done everything but win a **** *****l. Now win that gold fucking ****. fuck it win 3 of them!

I will tell you how Iím on cruise control. I am not working out like i once did, I am not doing everything to make you confident i am the guy i say i can be. Iím resting on ****** ***** and logical thinking. I am lacking that passion I show for you only when it matters. And Iím afraid if you and I were a series of games and practices, I really only show that passion during games, not during practice. We both hate practice, fuck whatís it for, ďPractice, Iím talking about practice?Ē But we love the game. Me I love the game I play and when my life is on the line I fucking shine. But in preparation Iím laxidasical. In my short athletic career i have found nothing more true than the saying you practice how you play. So go out there and practice how you want to play. Itís the golden rule of sports.

If you want to know what my secret was at being a killer high school offensive lineman. It was the mental switch I had. Going from focused and motivated, to fun and silly, on my own command. Donít ever get too silly, and never lose focus on the goal. From now to then you should dream about that gold medal, be passionate, Iím talking grunting in your sleep passion cause your busy visualizing beating ********, or whoever your opponent is! And take that fucking passion to work with you, practice with your goal in mind.... **** *****!

You need to practice hard, harder than you ever have before. And that switch you need to have, know what its for, conservative energy. Donít waste your focus and energy in down time, be silly, lose and fun, be all loosey-goosey. be friends with your opponents, if they happen to beat you donít just say they did good through the media, tell them the really beat you and out prepared you personally. Make it hurt your pride if you lose, so you challenge yourself to do better next time.

Let me tell you a little story about my playing career. In spring going into my Junior season I was really focused and getting at least 10 knock down blocks each practice. I was hungry to prove myself, because i was a slouch in JV my sophomore year, and I worked my ass off in the weight room, and conditioning. Me and ******* ** would challenge each other to do better, push-ups, explosive bench press, towel runs in the gym, hills, and pushing each other up the hill. We worked our asses off. But when my junior season rolled around I was too lackadaisical, going slow in conditioning, not pushing myself. I was mentally feeling sorry for myself, saying I did all this past work why am I not doing good, why am I not winning/getting knock downs like I was in the spring? So I started one game, but my coach benched me for the next 2 games, and something inside of me clicked. It took ******** ******* to call me out. After he called me out I realized I was losing because I was not working hard. The next week in practice I got my mental focus on, I was near the top of the lineman group in conditioning and still being the biggest guy and I was getting all kinds of knockdowns. I was back to winning. It took me 2 loses/non-starts to realize I was the problem, my preparation was the problem, and when I fixed my practice habits I was back on top, and I was the best lineman in the league as a junior, and I ended that season as a first team all leaguer.

Now I want you. No I need you to develop your good practice habits, and relax when its down time. Get a mental switch, so you can focus, and treat practice like itís a game. Like Chip Kelly says ďWIN THE DAYĒ. that means that you have to win every practice, push yourself in practice every day like its a game. If you can do this three **** ****** is not out of reach. because as you push yourself in practice, you will push your teammates in practice. And remember never get down on one another, I know its an individual sport, but if you really want ***** **** ****** you will work as a team. Always push yourself, lead by example, and you will push your teammates to that championship level that I know you are capable of. I LOVE YOU, WIN THE DAY!
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