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Message Subject Al Sharpton claims it was a strategy for Obama to lose so horribly... the rope a dope strategy bwahahah
Poster Handle Woogie
Post Content
Not saying it was or wasn't, and it's kinda ironic that you posted this (I just made a post that was similar to this in another thread, I had not heard Al Sharpton say that prior).

Here are my thoughts.

PBO tried to downplay debate expectations the last few days.

What I think is, maybe, they made a calculated gamble that they would "lose" this debate, get the Romney crowd amped up, get the media talking about how awesome Romney was in the first debate and lower expectations for PBO, and then debates 2 and 3 PBO brings his A game and the media talks about how great he was and how Romney didn't live up to expectations.

Basically, the gamble is what debate will the public remember when they go to vote? The first or the last?
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