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Message Subject There are a lot of people that thought the end of 2012 would bring lots of drama...Well, here we are...
Poster Handle Anonymous Astrophysicist.
Post Content
religion is a method of control based ont eh fear of death and what happened afterword.

In my people's belief system, fear of death is not an issue, as we recognize that bother 'good' and 'evil' are the work of the creator, that the spirit is separate from the body, which is just a machine that enables it to enter act in the physical world, and that spirtiual death is a myth.

Our only rebellious precept is that the creator, creation and all parts of it inclosing ourselves are one, and that the creator does not destroy that which he has created, In fact, that is the domain of religious idiots who are totally unsuccessful obviously. After thousands of years most of the people of the world totally reject most religion, sticking to a narrow minded version of it that they were indoctrinated with from birth,. Smart thinking there, jackasses.

I would like to conclude that any rabid Christian crusader, those responsible for the deaths of tens of millions had instead of been born in a predominantly christian country was born in a country that was predominantly Muslim, they would be just as rabidly a Mulsim and in today's world would be labeled a terrorist by the western media.

Have nice day.
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