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Message Subject There are a lot of people that thought the end of 2012 would bring lots of drama...Well, here we are...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The evidence is all around you, you just can't see it because you don't want to see it. When it comes, you won't remember what I said anyway because you hate my words ...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24926273

Where do the christian crusades, the massacre and rape of my people by Christians, and the ongoing war of imperialist aggression being waged on eastern nations and empowered by christian greed , willful ignorance and stupidity fit into your prophecies?
Don't forget, my people predicted with much greater accuracy what is happening today, but that is uncomfortable and inconvenient for you to admit.
BTW, in our prophecies you are to be totally cleansed from the Earth, SPIRIT AND ALL. You are to be judged , but not by a guy with glowing eyes and a long flowing white beard sitting on a freaking golden throne, you fucking superstitious idiot. You will be judged and eliminated by the intelligent ans well thought out intelligent universe, because you are beyond spiritual redemption and unworthy of it. You believe killing others who do not believe what you do is the 'final solution'
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1400413

The is not such thing as Christian crusades. Crusades and wars are a tool of Babylon, and having nothing to do with the teachings of Christ.

Your venomous words betray the utter hate that lurks inside of you. You will be damned by them if you do not repent.

You have been warned,
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