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Message Subject Why is it that only one man is chosen to lead the Nation?
Poster Handle l3ol3o
Post Content
We don't have 1 man leading the Nation. Thats why it takes so long for shit to get done. One man leading the Nation is someone like Hitler or Stalin. We have 2 Governing branches. The President and Congress. Congress is supposed to represent the people. In their the people who we send to congress should be some of the best Americans. Obviously this isn't true as Congress is full of fools.

Remember the President doesn't make a single law. He only signs them into law. The only real power the president has unilaterally is his abilities as commander in chief and his ability to issue executive orders. A President has to be careful with executive orders though because if he issues to many he can start to look tyrannical.

The council you mention is kinda like the President's cabinet. Again this should be the best minds in the Nation but of course its full of corrupt assholes.

Honestly people give the President to much credit. You heard a ton of promises in the debate tonight. The truth is they both will need congress to do the majority of things they mentioned tonight.
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