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Message Subject So many questions about existence, reality and ego. Would you please guide me for a bit?
Poster Handle Enjoy Candy!
Post Content
don't do drugs.

2 years ago? your age? latvia?

after these.. I agree with the above post..

optimist.. try to be an optimist..


I am going to list a few articles that I do not agree with.. if thats ok.. I like these articles but I don't agree that they actually significantly describe the reality as it actually exists.. for a more accurate view of what I believe search google for my name and godlike or use the site search function..


this is article 1

You are awake and aware, an intuitive in a physical and human form, and you are also an anchor or receptor in your reality, capable of connecting with other beings and forms of consciousness that vibrate at a different frequency. It is time that you acknowledge your ability to interact and reconnect with the energy streams of consciousness offered by other expressions of life.

Your world is teeming with non-physical beings ready to make contact and offer information and guidance. You are not meant to be in the dense physical reality without support. There are beings of light and love awaiting your invitation. However, all beings in the non-physical will never impose themselves, they will always honor your free will

We know that many are beginning to connect to the essence of these invisible beings. Each individual person is unique in the ways that they connect and with whom they connect. We just want to remind you of this ability and this privilege.

An excerpt from: ©2012 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16946013

this is article 2

These were all questions open for you to ask yourselves, I already have my own answers.

My personal view is the concept of Hell is hilarious in its own right, as everything is Source or the Supreme, and you cannot separate what is one. You can only give the illusion, which is currently what we are experiencing here in 3D.

The Devil/Satan is one of the greatest metaphors to exist as it represents man and his ego if untamed.

Unconditional love is, was, and shall always be the only real truth that exists throughout the entire universe.

"This dreamstate we find ourselves in is both an infinite game and an elaborate improvisational fiction, first devised by the Source and then promptly forgotten - so as to make things "really" entertaining.

Prior to this realization, we are like actors on a stage, who forget that they are playing characters in a fictional drama, and take all the twists and turns of the plot - which can put them in hideous, as well as delightful, situations - seriously. Meanwhile, the audience is laughing its head off at - and at the same time deeply pitying - these poor souls on stage who do not realize that its all a play that will end sooner than they realize. The audience, in this case, is made up of those who have seen through the artifice - are awake to their status in The Game. Compassion is in order, of course, but still - the Cosmic Joke is apparent."

Love to all of you :)
 Quoting: Aikan

Would not recommend drugs to anyone either. They are very dangerous and bring more harm than good.

Meditation and OBE are something I see as a thing to explore. I do feel that my ego is holding me back and the few OBE I had were disrupted by a very negative vibe. So what do I do with my ego that is afraid ? Should I try to change it or lock it up somewhere? What have you done with yours?

Optimisms is da best! I do posses it most of the time.

Thank you for the effort you put into this. I appreciate it. :)
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