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Message Subject Is this the man who snatched little April?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Whether or not he's guilty, the police had this man in the frame right from the off. The kids described April getting int a "light coloured van which was small at the front and big at the back". When the police spoke they said it could have been a Ford Combi or a Landrover Discovery.

Well, a Landrover Discovery looks nothing like the van the kids described - then hey presto they find this man's Landrover Discovery, which has four windows not two so doesn't look like a van, it's dark metallic blue with a big white arrow stripe down the side. Not only that, but the local kids knew this man and his car because April played with his kids who lived in the same area, and they'd all been playing around in his car before. So they knew the man and the car; wouldn't they have just said "April got into Mark's car"?
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