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Subject I know obama's SECRET!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Watching the debates last nite, it suddenly hit me. He spouts lies and random numbers about things, Examples: Romney telling him 3 times on the same subject that he was wrong about a fact. obama kept spouting this review board, and that review board, and this study and that study, all with random numbers. Would use the word "per cent" a lot. All this DESPITE no concrete evidence that these numbers or studies actually exist.

So his secret??? He says all this stuff like he actually beleives it! He says those lies as IF THEY WERE FACT! Then guess what? SO DO HIS SHEEPLE!

Never noticed this before, but thats how he has many white votes especially. Saw a follow up with a group after the debates. The host asked each of them to sum up obama's performance with one word. One of the few obama supporters in the group used the word "honesty."

Honesty? Like I said, say it like its a fact like you beleive it, and then others will beleive it too. He has simply learned the false numbers, like a homework assignment, then repeates them to gullible people.
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