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Subject NEW james holmes I.D photo (before shooting, before mental illnes/ drugging)
Poster Handle Matathew
Post Content
Link to photo: [link to matathew.tumblr.com]

I got this photo a day or two after the shooting in july from an ISAC incident report that was on google docs. Havent seen it once anywhere else so i thought id upload it for everyone.

It looks like its an I.D photo, most likely his license, passport or uni one.
His facial expression looks far more normal than in the booking photos, and his eyes are regular, as opposed to completely dazed out or really wide like in his booking pics..

Im guessing the booking photos are showing different stages of his mental illnes coupled with the effects of months of isolation in prison, or the effects of being drugged or mind controlled for some sort of false flag op.

Either way, new photo for everyone..
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