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Message Subject NEW james holmes I.D photo (before shooting, before mental illnes/ drugging)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah it does look like a mix of the other photos.. know why? They're all the same person, different stages of mental breakdown. This is when he was sane.

This linked photo was in an ISAC report that went out to the aurora security/ police on the day of the shooting -well before the booking photos came out, it also included updated security procedures for guards at the theatre, and some video links to department of defense's website which i was a bit hesitant an accessing.

I havent done any sort of facial recognition editing on this photo, as i wouldnt have a clue where to begin doin that shit -and i wanna find out whats happenin with this case, not convolute it more

Have a copy of the origonal report in pdf also, looks like its been taken off the net since i origionally found it.
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