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Subject Where is the love? -yo
Poster Handle thedude2888
Post Content
I can feel everyone, in my soul; dreaming, for so long I have never felt love, so where is the love? I can see the most beautiful moment, the tragedies of nothingness, the cycles, the karma, the truest Love I have been sending out for so long. The most beautiful moment, you just break down and sing, some one call me and let all the aliens ring in, well get someone to throw down a slow beat, with some nice background piano, and will bring everyone together at one moment forever, ill hand over the documents on the foreclosures of love, way back where our souls are buried with our most prettiest doves. I knew stories of all and knew stories to tell, I waiting evolving the dankest pheromones of the deepest wells. So call me and spiral the world at one time, i'll sing you the answers, never committed one crime. Wrap your soul up tight, and watch all waves collide, all conceived stole from time.

So shower the love GLP, if you dare to fill so much love beyond time here, anything that could ever be explained what else is there? A spiral collapsing, to a most beautiful moment, tearing apart dimensions, 'dorning graveyards and tombstones

Leave this here message a tombstone of Love, so i can hear my soul, remembering the times we spent together, connected as a whole.
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