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The Deep Web

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/04/2012 08:46 AM
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The Deep Web
I had always heard of places on the web even worse than 4chan but I never looked until recently. I was reading some conspiracy threads on GLP when I heard of 'The Deep Web' and how to get to it. I was very interested so I downloaded and fired up Tor and went to some of the sites on their special DNS.

It was quite a crazy place. There I learned allot about the underground world of internet assassins, pedophilia, drugs and more. The stuff I saw there I will never unsee. Anyone who wants to go there please don't, it is a real trash heap down there!!!

To anyone who wants to know about the 'Marianas Web': I tell you, you are already there! it is the Matrix. To break free simply see through the illusions! The idea that going through gigabytes of Kiddy Porn is going to reveal to you the secrets is pure bull.

It is also very easy to get your computer cracked or infected with a malware, so unless you use say Linux or Solaris you're gonna get in trouble.