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Message Subject I live in Fatima, Portugal... i can pray for you!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
I live here in Fátima, a real special place to many people in all world. If anyone has any question or intentions i can pray here for you! blwkss
 Quoting: Luisport

This is a sweet coincidence today for me, Luisport.

I was just puttering around with my coffee, cat and
computer this a.m. OP, and came upon your post here.
("The Three C's" of The American Devine!)
I found a website that will let you look
at archived web pages from years ago. In the years
2000 to 2009 I had a beautiful webpage on Yahoo's
Geocities--the free webpage that Yahoo once
offered folks to acquaint them with this skill.

It was a site dedicated to Sister Lucia and the
Fatima Miracle. I never knew that the site had
over 3,000,000 reviews until I went back there
this morning to look at it today 10/2012!
(No, I am NOT a Catholic...I've been divorced so
I was turned away from joining in 1991.)

I never had any "agenda" on my webpage or any
particular "spin" on Lucia or the Fatima Miracle
Sister Lucia's Miracle has just been a subject
that I have found fastcinating since childhood
and one of my most comforting visuals in times
of distress.

I drew pictures of Sister Lucia praying in
the woods--by a rock wall-- when I was only 5 or
6 years old.
Later at 14, I won a series
of art contests at my high school for pastel chalk and India Ink paintings of Sister Lucia. I was raised by
atheists and did not have any exposure to
Lucia's Catholic faith until I had a Catholic Nanny
for a year during a serious illness associated with tonsilytes. It was complicated in a routine surgery
which led into a near death experience (NDE).

Yes, I do have something that I would very much like
you to pray for me about right now. I will PM you
I believe that the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami
which killed 1/2 million souls Christmas Eve 2004
was the fulfilment of the Fatima Prophesy. hf
Blessings to you for your generous offer on GLP!
(There are some potty-mouth people who come into
GLP and sometimes harrass kind people who post
like you, so don't let it hurt your feelings!)
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing 23725672

Thank you my friend! First we all are suns of God, and your divorce state don't separe you from God, only from you ex-husband! LOL! GOD LOVE'S YOU!!!
 Quoting: Luisport

Please pray for my daughter, Laura Marie, who
is very ill in Germany.Thank you for your
encouragement. Cheers! SK
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