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Message Subject I live in Fatima, Portugal... i can pray for you!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have been praying for him for a long time but I know he will be delivered soon. e

Have you heard thewarningsecondcoming.com. Our Lord God, God the Son and Our Blessed Mother have been giving this European visionary messages since Nov 8, 2010. In these messages Our Lord says that the culmination of prophecies at LaSalette, Garabandal and Saint Faustina is very soon. They say that there will be The Warning soon. Everyone will see how they would look at Judgement Day. If they are in mortal sin at that time, they will experience the fires of hell and it will seem as if it is forever. If in lesser sins, they will experience to purifying fires but it will not seem as if forever. After this time, they will have a short amount of time to make themselves right. Then will be the persecution and then salvation. The Second Coming of Our Jesus .The 1000 years of the New Era of Peace will begin at that time. He has been asking people like myself to pray for the souls of others who would lose their souls otherwise
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