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On Mars discovered of oil fields- VIDEO

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20039970
Russian Federation
10/04/2012 01:07 PM
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On Mars discovered of oil fields- VIDEO
Looking at photos from Mars, which depicts a dark lakes of liquid and dry riverbed Martian streams and rivers (see the video), some researchers have concluded, that this liquid is not a water, but - conventional oil. For first, the liquid water on the surface of Mars can not exist because of the low-pressure of Martian atmosphere. Secondly, the Russian scientist Sokolov in 1889 proposed the hypothesis of cosmic origin of oil, according to the a starting material for the emergence of a hydrocarbon oil, contained in the gaseous envelope of the Earth even during her star status, and the pattern during the cooling of the Earth these hydrocarbons were absorbed by the molten magma, and later, as the formation of the Earth's crust the hydrocarbons penetrated the sedimentary rocks and the condensation of gaseous hydrocarbons and oil was obtained. Thus, if the hypothesis of Sokolova is true, the oil can not form only on Earth, but on Mars, and now, when researchers saw on Mars a dry riverbed streams and rivers, then in these streams and rivers flowe did not water, but- oil...
more: [link to hainanwel.com]