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Message Subject more proof for those who reject God is going to bring everyone to the faith, Roman Catholicism
Poster Handle voice conciance way
Post Content
look me up , you see , there is much in the way of shock in how i have come to see the light , and i seem to have been written in by name and paralels synergy in the eternal song of the stars , Gods love , the battle of love and hate within us but as we look at world events its more than a simple thing , many have suffered because of mans negativity to what we know as truely the love of God which is our own. now deed from a good few texts, disrespected in enoch yet recogise the power their and what i will point out to you now, you'l love , and do , truly love, its the kingdom of light to where my words touch.

we must

lose the hundred and what ever billion per anum or decade or whatever, that is the blood debt of money to fund machines in premedetated murder ,the war budget, just like i wrote for their consideration to russia through every country , to gear down , lose the nuclier lie and truly gear right down , turn once more to God

, the message is tithe and peace , ballance in wisdom. listen to our selves and rise in peace. if youve not noticed freude would have a field day , seeking and finding turned into emulating the very beasts we saught to beat , and higher mind stuff is truth. look at israel , God called the lier , and as it has been invaded time and again , countrys crossing to the darkness of war where it is a moon of love

. the elemental plagues your country has suffered america , right up to cali and the little boy boom asteroid, i see and hear the words 'i said i wouldnt flood your world twice ' but directly the first couple of years , bush breaks un law and america floods north and south. i flooded you twice and i burst my banks hsbc or americas equivalent

, the guys kind though, with revenge escalation to revenge escalation dating way back i guess the nuke was the fucking limit. He could have dropped two good sized ones and shook the lot of us. instead theirs been reason and call to each new birthing pain of the eternal will of light , a new age is upon us, we move from blindly following prophecy to recognising the living God today and your own song in the eternal song of the stars.

russia builds the biggest bomb has the biggest mistake, revenge and its fear recoil, japan tried to surrender for two years and grew increasingly suicidal to stop the bomb after their intel was witness to mexico.

guess we gotta kick back , come back home to our houses of light , in the many mansions in the kingdom of light and stop to enjoy life rather than treating the place like a prison. fear is a killer , higher mind and good will in following the commandments reap their own reward.

not subtifuge politics and blood money. still , englands own earthquake , cracks in the pavement , was around black words in blacker books, and warning yet pass over, cattle burned , we called it desease or some such , however deep you look fact is , it happened. same as every paralel of love or hate right down to the ones in the minds of us all. Anyway , go with love guy , and yeah , fked init.

the voice the conciance and the way , a bit holmsish , i see everything , that is my curse
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