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Message Subject NWO Believers Also Believe in God??
Poster Handle flashlight
Post Content
This is the tip of the iceberg. Consider "New order of the ages" as depicted on the dollar bill. Read into that more. Not just a new order, but a new order "of the ages." This adds a whole other dimension to the meaning of this.

To create a "new order" that mirrors the original order of unity. To control and replace all that exists through duality and chaos.

TPTB have been deviating our intelligence from their proper and non-corrupted applications. Love is necessary in duality so it can be warped into corruption. Both sides are being played.

In truth....fear and evil are unnecessary.

An entity claiming "God" or "divine servant" is not to be trusted! They are taking advantage of you.

The true source of creation is all creation combined. Period. All that exists is an equal expression of source. There is no "single master" within creation. There is only all of creation as one.
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