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Message Subject NWO Believers Also Believe in God??
Poster Handle *Heisenberg*
Post Content
The bible predicted a NWO one world government long before you came along
 Quoting: *Heisenberg*

The Bible is full of fiction. It was a compilation of writings from different groups of people, which was secured by the Council of Nicea in Rome to establish political and social control which resulted in centuries of bloodshed in the same of some god. It sickens me.
 Quoting: Ace High.

So they just got lucky predicting the NWO?

lol, ok
 Quoting: *Heisenberg*

They did not predict it at all. If you're referring to Revelations, that was an allegory to Israel and the taking of that one area. It was a story written by creative lunatics rambling about Satan and the Beast and other bullshit. The NWO members do not have contact with Satan because he does not exist. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Yes, the Illuminati and the like exists. But they are educated and not blind bible-knockers.
 Quoting: Ace High.

It clearly states there would be a one world government lead by a one world leader, before the end times. Before the battle in the middle east.

Plus, you claim there is an Illuminati for sure, yet God is a joke? I contest there is more real evidence for God than some magical illuminati that control all we see or hear.

Anyway, I can see you are not looking for real answers. Only for answers which validate your own reasoning.

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