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Message Subject NWO Believers Also Believe in God??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You are all so lost, it breaks my heart...the illuminati are indeed working for the prince of darkness, the ruler of this world, to establish the NWO and the elite, as well as many of you have fallen for the very first lie he spewed in the Bible, "ye shall not surely die... ye shall become as gods." the new age movement is a perfect example of this...all this fighting, arguing, bickering back and forth is exactly what the powers that be want, mass confusion and ignorance. they know the Bible is the infallible Word of God and are deliberately hiding its actual truth because they know its power, and their plan all along has been to deceive the whole world and it has worked almost perfectly. Satan is a cunning genius, and those who believe in evolution, self and human philosophy are victims of his deception but the Most High trumps all so in the end im really not threatened.
the one world government was attempted in Genesis, and was the whole point of the Tower of Babel and Nimrod.
no i do not follow mainstream Christianity, in fact they are in the same boat as most of you, just as deceived, however, i do believe Yeshaya Mashiach (who you call Jesus) is my Lord and Savior. its really not worth it to explain anymore, either you get it or you dont, you will either die to your selfish ways and live righteously for the spirit and the Lord, or you will try to live the best way YOU think YOU know how. I used to think that way but i know now that theres really no fulfillment in that belief system. we can't make sense of this world without the Lord, now matter how much we make stuff up and lie to ourselves.
oh yeah and dont worry, your new age, harmonious, utopian one world order will happen, for a short time under the reign of the antichrist but not without much bloodshed before and after...it will not last officially until the Mashiach's return.
i am praying for you all
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