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Message Subject NWO Believers Also Believe in God??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The New World Order, whether or not it will or will not happen, has nothing to do with any god. Yet it seems that extremist conservatives and christians make up many of the NWO believers which fascinates me.

I'm very left wing and not at all affiliated with any god or any religion in any way, but the theories are correct that the elite are manipulating the population through secret societies. But I am a rational thinker, and the bible is not based on rationality unfortunately. I am not trying to offend anyone, but extreme conservative christians are making people like me look bad. They also make me look crazy when I try to explain my theories because people know that that particular group of people are always the ones yelling out false NWO theories. Approach it with rationality, not faith in some revelations-based apocalypse religious prophecy bullshit.
 Quoting: Ace High.

where is your MIND we are under it since the fed went global long ago. You don't choose the presidents, hasn't been that way for a long time now. and why would you ever claim to left or right wing, you are to be your god self and not define yourself by mans shit
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