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Message Subject NWO Believers Also Believe in God??
Poster Handle flashlight
Post Content

That's not my religion. Why do you assume and assume and assume things about me? Do you do this with everyone? You know nothing. Read up on Pythagoras to get you started.

There's still hope for you yet.
 Quoting: flashlight

Pythagoras = No.
I reject TPTB's mystics and philosophers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2566322

Yet you embrace TPTB's Bible?

 Quoting: flashlight

It doesn't belong to them.
They want to destroy it.
If they could erase the Word of God from our hearts and minds then they would. But the Word is written into our DNA and in the stars. It will live forever.

Their mystics and philosophers are worthless.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2566322

Wrong. It most certainly belongs to them and is authored by them. Check your history on the Council of Nicea.

If they wanted it gone it would be gone. They sure did a good job of eradicating gnostic texts til they were discovered recently at Nag Hammadi and the Dead sea scrolls.
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