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The best survival scenario for what is coming.

Master semen.
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10/04/2012 05:47 PM
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The best survival scenario for what is coming.
Buy a sailboat. Even if you can't sail. Here's my story.

I sold my house right before the collapse. Everyone knew it was coming. Sold a few cars and other crap laying around. Then bought a boat to live on.

Anyone can pick up a 25 ft sailboat for a few grand. That's a couple month's rent. Then you have a luxurious little home that you own and can take everywhere. Unless you prefer to be landlocked. Something I could never do.

We bought a larger, older boat because we have kids. Living on anchor is free. Or you can rent a mooring or marina slip for a couple Hun per month. We also rent a garden space. A few hun in soil and seeds yields about $5000 a year in vegetables.

Our boat has a wind generator and solar power. We have dry food for 2 years. And an atmospheric water generator that makes 8 gallons of ice cold water a day.

No matter what happens, we are safe and secure. I still have a job and we've managed to save more money than I ever expected because we have no expenses.

We went sailing in the Bahamas for 5 months and didn't need a thing. Fished and dove for lobster and conch. Plenty of food.

Sailing is easy. Just take a quick class or volunteer on a race boat to learn the ropes. Watch a couple videos and read a book.

You can live on a boat in the winter up north too with a bubbler system. Or on stilts in the yard. Even with the expenses of owning a boat it's nothing compared to renting or paying a mortgage.

The best part is when the lights go out you won't know any different. A dinghy becomes your car. And kids who grow up on a boat are wise, dependable, attentive, and become one with nature.

I can answer any questions for people who are interested.