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Third Eye activation, Consciousness Shifting, Self Realisation...Why?

Oscar the Grouch
User ID: 8395281
United Kingdom
10/04/2012 06:16 PM
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Third Eye activation, Consciousness Shifting, Self Realisation...Why?
I have recently noticed a new surge of people claiming many super conscious realisation experiences, however I am curious whether these people are actually doing anything about it?

It's a bit like being a master artist with no arms...a dog with no bark/bite, a person with the 'secret' but is poor or someone with telekinesis but goes 'limp' when faced with an audience.

As more and more claim these experiences as the 2012 doomsday approaches, why is there no people helping find missing people, predicting horrific events with accuracy, coming out of the woodwork showing great feats/defiance of physics?

Where are all the heroes when now is when we need them?


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