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Message Subject Good Bye Obama
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
can't wait to see what you folks say about Rmoney once he's elected...

This place will be a shitstorm during that scumbags presidency

I'm sitting this election out, I'm not going to participate in something that is a sham, neither of the main candidates gives a fuck about the American people, they only care about who is writing the checks for their campaign. Corporate whores the both of them are.

It's a sad time in this country when people are so divided into the my team vs your team mentality. You are giving TPTB exactly what they want a totally divided country for them to rape and pillage. So go ahead keep fighting against your fellow man, while these assholes laugh all the way to the bank and you flip the bill.

All we need to do is come together, find the common ground which is that we are all people. If that happened we could take what little is left of this country back.

Sadly people are too fucking selfish to come together for a common cause so here we are playing the same game they've had us playing for decades.
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