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Message Subject Good Bye Obama
Poster Handle nosheeples
Post Content
damn this thread is total epic fail,what do you think will happen if obama leave? really , it's the same bullshit every 4 or 8 years, i don't know why there is still peoples in this world waiting for a president for hope and change, and how many more clowns will elected before you open your eyes and how bad does it have to be?

The world will never change it's soo sad, this world is in a total chain reaction of destructions and catastrophe and again
braindead sheeps and zombies and ignorant peoples still waiting for a politial messiah , you are not better and you are even worst than believers who still waiting for a god to save their asses , when we can't save our own kind ,i don't see any hope for humanity and sadly it will get worse before it get better.. have a nice day

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