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Message Subject Good Bye Obama
Poster Handle Serenity777
Post Content

I seriously wouldn't count an ANYTHING until its over.

The elite are the ONLY one's who matter, and its THEY (NOT YOU) who will pull the strings on who wins.

So...whomever the ELITE choose to win, WILL WIN. Since they are both funded by the same banking cartels, I would assume an intelligent person who is aware and who has thoroughly researched each candidate would come to the inevitable conclusion that your vote is of little relevance.

Also...always remember this. There's also that little thing called the "electoral college." YOU MIGHT WANT TO UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS before you get too excited in your "assessments" of who's going to win. wink

But...far be it from me to throw LOGIC into something which is the equivalent of a soap opera.

You know how Americans are though...THEY'VE GOT TO HAVE TEAMS. They've got to have something to ROOT for, or AGAINST. Dems/Repubs, Conservatives/Liberals, Cats/Dogs. You name it, they want to fight about it.

Americans are especially easy to fool because they hardly ever realize, despite all the blatant evidence, that the outcome is FIXED...unless of course, it was THEIR perceived candidate that loses. Ever noticed that? The idea of conspiracy is usually born from when a person doesn't get their way. If they win, then everything went as planned and there's no conspiracy...just, what should have happened. BUT...IF THEIR CHOICE LOSES, then...there must have been dark forces working behind the veil to prevent your choice of psychopath to have taken the presidential position...RIGHT?

Here's the truth: Its all FIXED regardless if your choice of MASTER gets voted in or not. Here's a more blatant truth: You're ALL GETTING SCREWED no matter whom you voted for. Therefore, its funny to watch you vote your rights away...WILLINGLY. Its quite the phenomena to watch from an outside perspective.

And...YOU GUYS NEVER GET IT. It NEVER occurs to you that you're being tooled. Its really quite hilarious and a very simple design...yet, every 4 years its as if Americans have been memory wiped.

So, the way I figure it...either HAARP and MIND CONTROL is REAL, or Americans/people have the memories of a fish. Take your pick. Because to me, it could only be one of the two...or, a possible combination of both.

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